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Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes

E Scooters are a great way to go if you are considering getting some type of electric scooter. Electric scooters and electric bikes have come a long way. Not only can they hold a charge longer allowing you much more time for enjoyment, but they are very comfortable to ride and very quiet. These electric scooters and bicycles are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and if you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, there is no better way than a bike or scooter powered by an alternative energy source.

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The image below belongs to the newly released photos of the Smart eScooter, which is battery powered. At full charge, the Smart eScooter is capable of 62 miles. This electric scooter blends style and performance, with full battery charge possible in in only 3 to 5 hours. The Smart eScooter has a top speed of 28 miles per hour. With additional features such as handle bar heating for cold winter days and a smartphone link, this electric scooter by Smart, is sure to turn some heads. 

Smart eScooter

When you think of electric motor cycles, what image comes to mind? If you are like the average person, you might picture a Pride Mobility Scooter or maybe even an electric scooter from another manufacturer. Regardless of the image that comes to mind, most people consider electric bikes in comparison to gas powered bikes as slow to pick up, lacking in range and not too stylish. Well, if that’s how you picture electric motorcycles...you haven’t seen the Zero Motorcycles.

The Zero Motorcycles are electric powered motorcycles and not only are they stylish, but they pack a punch as well. These electric motorbikes can perform on dirt, street, and they even have a model that can perform on both types of surfaces. There is also a model that can go 0-30 in under 2 seconds. These light-weight high performance electric motorcycles are efficient and fast off the line.

Everyone is wondering how to leave less of a footprint on the environment and electric motorcycles are one way to get “off to the races”. When your source of fuel is your electric outlet and there is no exhaust from a combustion engine then you can feel good about helping to make the world a better place. The picture of the future is slowing developing. Electric bikes are here to stay.

Brammo lines of electric motorcycles are also making their mark. Brammo Inc is an electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. The company recently announced plans to offer its electric motorcycles with six-speed transmission starting in 2012. Brammo's fastest lap time at the Sonoma raceway was 1:55.150, almost two seconds faster than last year's winning electric bike on the 2.5-mile track. Its average lap speed was within 20 seconds of the fastest qualifying lap time of a 1,000cc internal combustion superbike on the same track. The Brammo Empulse 3 can do 100 mph and has a 100 mile range. The progress being made by electric vehicles today is absolutely amazing.



Brammo-Empulse 3


It seems that the one constant that continues to be mentioned is the price of these electric vehicles. However, if you consider the tax incentives from the government on these electric vehicles, it makes the prices much more manageable. Even if the prices are higher on these electric vehicles, consider the sigh of relief that you will breathe the next time gas prices begin to soar. When everyone else is complaining about how they have to sacrifice just to be able to drive their vehicles, you can breathe easy knowing that all you have to do is plug in your electric vehicle and voilĂ , you’ve got a fully powered vehicle.

The image below is of the Smart Ebike. This electric bicycle by Smart is a pedal powered bike with electrical assist. By the way, this is the same company that makes the Smart Cars. Their electric bike has the convenience of the electrical assist being activated as soon as the rider begins pedaling, unlike the current electric bikes, which are activated via a throttle grip. With many other features, the concept ebike has the potential to revolutionize the electric bicycle industry.

Smart eBike Hybrid